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Most new pet owners pick their veterinarians by looking through the phone book and calling up the one that's closest to their place ofuaepets residenc
Aquarium Care
Compared to other pets, aquariums need very little in the way of daily attention. In fact, it will probably take the hobbyist longer to read this brie

Our company's main services consist selling and marketing:

  • Aquarium products & accessories
  • Freshwater fishes
  • Marine water fishes
  • Aquatic plants
  • Pet medicine & accessories
  • Food
  • Pet animals
  • and many more...

Import and Wholesale Department

Importing High Quality Aquarium and Pet Products from all over the world by containers and distributing at the most competitive prices. Doing Instant Delivery to the whole retail shops in the United Arab Emirates and Exporting to other Middle East countries within one week time. We are providing Credit Facilities and Discount Facilities to our good clients on negotiation.


Retail Departments

Tetra National House, Kaled Tower, Electra Street, Abu Dhabi Tel: 02 6344 400
Tetra Pet Land, Khalidiya Street, Abu Dhabi, Tel: 667 2223
Tetra Al Maria Aquariums and Pets, Al Maria Cinema, Abu Dhabi.


Aquarium Maintenance Department

We Install from small to big Aquariums at clients suggested place and doing the maintenance on negotiation and contract basis.


Ponds and Water Fountains

We create fish pools and pond in a very attractive and latest models and shapes, install fountain sets and doing their maintenance with the full responsibility.